A Little something about me….

I am born in 1972 and married to Joseane (a Brasileira) in 2001. Together we have the fortune to guide our three kids to full wisdom. A big responsibility in this fast changing world. My wife works 4 days a week at a governemental institution, I am mainly self employed. Try to do so in also 4 days a week.

Together we manage Saudades Brasileiras, a store for foods and drinks from Brasil. We started this shop in 2010 as an answer to our own questions for Brasilian products which are hard to get in the Netherlands. Now it is one of the biggest webshops for Brasilian products in The Netherlands.

In my spare time I play volleyball. As a setter I divide the balls to our attackers. I try to make the best choices for the team and set the right ball for the right attacker to gain a maximum score. This position refers a lot to the positions I aspire in my daily work. Making the right choices, for the right people and delivering the right sources to the teammembers to make them able to perform on their best and beyond.

I have some strong believes……

  • I believe companies are managed in simular ways to sports clubs
  • I believe managing teams works simular in sports as well as in businesses
  • I believe that the sum of individuals is stronger when working as a team
  • I believe managing results will result in failure, while managing people, succes is garanteed
  • I believe positive feedback makes people grow, where negative feedback holds people back to excell

With these blogs I want to share with my readers the way I feel the world. It is not how I see it, but how I feel it…. Seeing and feeling is often the same, but as often can it be different. The next picture will seem cold to many of you. The snowy landscape of Reine – Norway tells us it is deep winter. Even as we see it is cold, I feel warmth and friendlyness in the picture though.

Reine - Norway

I will write my blogs about personal things as well as professional items. In any case I hope you will enjoy reading them and in that case comment me about them. If you don’t like (or don’t agree) on what I write, I challenge you to give your comments as well. I am very interested in all of them and will read all of them too.

In this case I believe that any shared opinion makes a difference!!

Thanks for visiting!!

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