Meaningless Important Moments

“Meaningless” and “Important” Just two words who are opposites to each other but together can mean so much….


A word explaining that what it is about, has no meaning at all ,it has no meaning, it has no value.


This word on the other side adds value to the subject. It is not just a message, it is  an important message. It is not just a person but an important person. It adds value…

Anyway, what about these words? What is the linking pin on these words? At least for me….

Well, when I visited a very good friend, we had a long night talking about many things. Nothing special, this happens more often. We talked about great things in life, good things in life, minor things in life that still added value to that life. We also talked about growing up, loosing parents, being a parent and other lifechanging experiences. I told him about my life as a parent. That being a parent is one of the most special things in life, but takes so much of my time. That, together with work (and sleeping 😉), it covers my whole day. There is no time left for other things. Making plans is difficult in this stage of life, how important these plans may seem or be, sometimes it just looks like there is no time left….

I spoke about my life as I had done many times before. But at a certain point I tried to make clear that in this life full of things, big things, meaningless things, important things, there is one thing we  take for granted. There are moments we do not cherish, moments we easily miss out, moments we skip or we remove from our calendar of life. I tried to explain what I meant, I tried to explain what moments I was thinking about and could not find the right words. I simply could not find the right description…. Until I came up with “Meaningless Important Moments”.

Meaningless, because these moments are the moments like when you just sit on the couch with your partner, doing nothing, relaxing, talking about nothing of any importance. In these moments nothing of any importance is happening. No plans are made, no decisions are forced, no changes are discussed, nothing of any value is added to this moment.

But these are the moments that make a life worth living, It is in these moments where you feel close to one another, not because of any added value, but because you ‘just’ want to be there. In this moment there is just (the two of) you , and you know this is where you want to be. It is in these moments where you charge your battery, where you fulfil your childhood dreams, where you are complete and happy. These moments are important to be able to keep on going….

These are the Meaningless Important Moments. These are the moments we need to cherish…. Never skip these moments but life them, enjoy them and cherish them. Escape the daily hectic and remember these moments.

Than life becomes a gift!!

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